How to partner with Amazon

To learn how to publish with Amazon, Digital Marketing Labs has released a Special Report meant to help authors, business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of Amazon’s e-commerce influence.

“Partnering with Amazon: How to Give Amazon Permission to Sell Your Products to their Over 275 Million Registered Users” was the topic of a recent article from the Digital Marketing Labs website. The article mentions the strife between print publishing companies and Amazon.

According to some of the traditional New York book houses, to publish with Amazon is to sleep with the devil. The popularity of the online retailer is forcing some publishers completely out of the conventional book deal, as Amazon further develops its self-publishing opportunities, said the article.

The concept of using Amazon as a publishing site has older print publishers worried. They may be losing their relevance in an increasingly technological world that’s making paper and ink nearly obsolete. According to the article, both self-publishers and established authors are turning to Amazon for their book business. The website makes the entire process, from creation to promotion, fairly simple.

What the “Partnering with Amazon” report tries to drive home is how the connection with Amazon can affect ranking in the eyes of both online search engines and interested customers. Amazon books piggyback on the Internet retailer’s immense size, pushing online presence into the stratosphere. If a book for sale on Amazon shows up as one of the top two or three results in a Google search, it makes the content appear instantly credible.

Also, since Amazon searches allow people to find whatever it is they are looking for, any niche-specific markets are easily accessible. Writers and creators who learn how to self-publish on Amazon are able to engage with their customer base after they’ve already stumbled upon the information.

Amazon is such a popular spot for Internet users that it attracts anywhere from 50 to 100 million people every month. Along with that number, Amazon claims an average page view of around 38 seconds and a total of about eleven minutes on the site per visit.

Put those numbers to work with “Partnering with Amazon” from the Digital Marketing Labs. The article claimed there’s no better source of expert advice and informative plans available, so find out how to publish with Amazon by claiming your copy of the report today.

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