Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Content Marketing

What is content marketing and why should small businesses care? While this topic was answered in detail by ContentPlus director Fergus Parker at ad:tech on Wednesday September 20th , there are three compelling reasons why small business owners should not wait a day longer to invest in content marketing.

Reason 1: Content marketing is here to stay
The phrase “content marketing” may be relatively new, but the concept has been around for decades. The truth is that most businesses use some form of content – a website, pamphlets, emails – to convey their marketing messages in a bid to convince people to part with their cash in exchange for a product or service. However, the need for a great content strategy has only recently come to the fore as it became evident that content marketing allows small businesses to compete with large corporations.

It is here that content strategy becomes truly valuable: on their own, the pieces of content that you produce as a business may have value, but it is only when they are deployed as a unit underpinned by a solid strategy that they will work to their maximum effect and get you the best returns possible.

Reason 2: Google
Do online businesses need any reasons to invest in content other than this? Google has made it clear that it is only interested in bringing its users the best content, which means that it continues to tweak its algorithm in order to give people the most relevant and highest quality results when they search.

Google will rank you highly if you publish interesting, engaging and original content. Fail to do so, and you are likely to see your search engine rankings plummet.

Reason 3: No time like the present
There are no silver bullets in content marketing, and businesses should steer well clear of agencies and consultants who claim to offer quick-fix solutions in this area. Slow and steady wins the content marketing race, which is why it pays to invest sooner rather than later.

Content marketing may have been around for a long time, but the gold rush has really started in earnest now. The businesses that get on board now and start carving away at their niche are the ones that may just put an insurmountable lead between themselves and their competitors.

Don’t be the one that gets left behind. Speak to our content marketing experts at stand 184 at ad:tech about how ContentPlus can give you a head start in helping your business grow online with content.

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