Businesses Build Their Brands 6 Seconds at a Time With Vine

You may have seen the viral compilation video is making its way around the Internet revealing the most entertaining six-second Vine videos to date. For the most part, users see Vine as a creative social app to do silly things, but businesses are starting to see more. Vine offers businesses a chance to connect with social media users in a fun, personal way. Whether by introducing products or hosting contests, businesses on Vine earn social media cred with each video snippet.

Consider the pros: It’s free, easy to produce and potentially viral. Even with advanced marketing analytics, lighting Internet speed from and professional tools, marketers are turning to these short clips to reach social media users. As these innovative brands are demonstrating, six seconds is plenty of time to make a good impression.

Host a Contest

Vine may been a cutting-edge marketing tool, but that doesn’t mean traditional marketing principles don’t apply. One rule that remains in play: People love contests. Some brands have combined these two hot marketing tactics. Trendy retailer Urban Outfitters was one of the first to host a Vine contest. The “Where Do Your Chucks Go?” promotion asked followers to document six seconds in a day of the life of their Converse sneakers. Winning prizes included trips to San Francisco and New York, Urban Outfitters gift cards and 10 pairs of Converse.

Preview a New Product

The purpose of a product preview is to create buzz. The more buzz-worthy your ad is, the more people will notice it. Add a layer of excitement to your preview with an exciting social media platform. Samsung took to Vine to show off its newest flagship smartphone with a clever animation.

Get an Endorsement

Even on Vine, a celebrity endorsement can boost sales and raise brand awareness. Businesses that can’t afford celebrity sponsors or commercial airtime may be able to snag a Vine endorsement. Non-profit organization (Red) snagged an off-the-cuff endorsement from musican David Guetta to promote the fight against AIDS. You don’t need an A-lister to make waves with a Vine. Post a clip with someone relevant to your followers and it will spread.

Do Something Weird

Social media doesn’t follow much of the traditional marketing playbook. Your most successful Vine post may be the one that worries less about ROI and more about the fun behind your business. An agenda-free Vine clip can endear your business to customers. Let your guard down for a moment to humanize your business. Buzzfeed showed the way by posting a clip of an impromptu petting zoo that broke out in its office. It may not drive sales, but it entertains social media users.

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