Webtrends Provides Barratt Homes With Insight Into Online Customer Behaviour

Webtrends, the global leader in digital marketing optimisation and relevance through real-time, unified analytics and customer intelligence, today announced that it has extended its partnership with Barratt Homes to implement Webtrends Segments™, providing visitor level insight into online behaviour.

The number of people who have found a property online instead of walking into a high street estate agent has grown rapidly in recent years. According to research from Zoopla, 92% of buyers now start their property search online. Property websites therefore need to provide an informative and relevant experience to the consumer, and be easy to navigate in order to capture visitors’ attention, generate leads from campaigns and ultimately increase conversions.

Barratt Homes was already using Webtrends Analytics™ to gain insight into the performance of content, visitor paths through the site, campaign effectiveness and more, but needed additional insight to be able to take action. The team wanted to understand individual visitor behaviour and how they navigated their way through the website over time to drive leads, and ensure the right customers were being targeted with the most relevant information. They wanted to create a single customer view and gather insight into visitor-level engagement with certain groups such as Barratt housing development, property type and location. Furthermore, they wanted to merge offline data with online insight so they could compare offline purchases back to an initial campaign course. Based on these requirements, Barratt Homes chose to implement Webtrends Segments.

Webtrends visitor segmentation helps businesses to identify and nurture prospects, drive revenue and conversions and connect analytics insight to create powerful customer segments and drive relevant actions. In today’s crowded online market, businesses need to build details about their customers over time in order to create personalised digital experiences. By understanding the characteristics and behaviours of customer segments, brands have the ability to identify and focus on specific groups of visitors and improve user experience, conversions, performance of campaigns and client retention.

James Wallace, Barratt Homes, comments:   “We’ve used Webtrends Analytics for a number of years, and using this data we wanted to gain a deeper insight into the behaviour of our website visitors. Being able to provide a more personalised experience online is crucial for us to stand out in a highly competitive industry.”

Nick Sharp, Vice-President & General Manager EMEA, Webtrends, comments:   “The web is increasingly the first port of call for property searches. Collecting data on specific groups of customers and using that information to personalise the web experience enables brands to get the right messages to the right audiences at exactly the right time. Not only can this lead to great results and increased ROI but customers feel more valued and likely to return to the website. As the competition heats up businesses will need to be smarter how they target customers. Webtrends Segments complements the data collected from Analytics s to create powerful customer segments that can drive relevant targeting.”

More information on Webtrends Segments can be found here.

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