6 Tips to Help SMEs Attain the Most SEO Benefit from their Web Videos

YouTube receive over 800 million unique visitors each month however web videos are often overlooked as a valuable SEO technique.

YouTube is now owned by the search engine giant, Google, and as a result web videos frequently appear at the top of the search results along with a video thumbnail to boot!

AddPeople have listed 6 tips to help SMEs get the most SEO benefit when creating their web video:

1. Create sharable content

Videos should be fun and memorable so it is vital that the content is rich and informative. Topical, demonstrational and tutorial videos tend to work best for businesses. SMEs must ensure before producing a video that the topic and content chosen is relevant to their products or service.

2. Employ keywords

SMEs may already be aware of their keywords but if not, it is essential they do their research so that they are familiar with the keywords and phrases they wish to be discovered for.

Business owners must include a keyword rich description for their video so that search engines can index it and hopefully rank highly when their keywords are searched. SMEs may also wish to include a transcript of the video itself which gives them another opportunity to optimize.

3. Stand out from the crowd

SMEs should consider what their target audience will be searching for when thinking of a title for their video. Creating a title that is catchy and interesting is essential and can be the key in achieving high viewing figures however business owners must not forget to include a keyword or two!

4. Keep it short and sweet

The average YouTube visitor only spends 1 minute 30 seconds on site so SMEs need to ensure that their videos are not long winded as this may result in losing valuable viewers. If the topic is time intensive and can’t be explained in less than 5 minutes then SMEs could break it into parts or even develop a series.

5. Submit and Share

To give the video a better opportunity of reaching its target audience SMEs must submit a video sitemap to Google so that it can be indexed properly. A video site map is a text file which contains information such as the title, subject, time and description.

Once SMEs have completed, the video should be shared on their blog, website and social media platforms alike. Encouraging fans and followers to the same will help the video achieve the most exposure possible.

6. And finally, Analyse!

YouTube provide an analytics function so that users can analyse the statistics, SMEs should take advantage of this insight and consider the facts when producing their next web video.

AddPeople, the digital marketing specialist, have been working with SMEs for over 10 years on their online marketing strategies and recently have been producing web videos to help SMEs with their SEO strategies. For more information about Add People visit http://www.addpeople.co.uk or follow them on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/add_people for industry news and updates.

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