Go2Geo Launch Set to Revolutionise Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and SME’s

Founder and CEO Mat Richardson today announced the launch of Go2Geo. Go2Geo provides its users with geographically targeted shortened links and real time actionable analytics, which are based around the geographic location of visitors to those links. From a single published link, users are able to smartly target their traffic and redirect them to unique and relevant destinations based on their geographic location. The power of the technology means that a blogger who publishes a single Go2Geo link in an article can send US traffic to a US vendor, with  traffic from the UK being sent to a UK vendor, whilst Canadian traffic is sent to a Canadian vendor and so on for all 194 countries of the world, all from the one link.

Go2Geo allows the user to choose the default location to which all of the traffic will be sent as with any other link. The user can then look at the real time analytics to understand where in the world their traffic is coming from. If that traffic is not likely to be served by the default location (for example an Australian visitor being sent to an American site) the user would be in a position to target traffic from those countries in future by setting up a redirection. This means each customer is sent to a relevant destination geographically and is therefore more likely to complete the purchase.

Mat Richardson founder and CEO of Go2Geo says “Go2Geo will not revolutionise online marketing for the big players, but I think that it will for affiliates and SME’s that previously had to setup their own costly system, give a company a share of their profits and limit provider choice or miss out on non-local revenues all together”.

“Our market research identified a real need for a product which worked right out of the box, which didn’t require any technical skills to use and which charged a transparent and low monthly fee which was in no way a share of the users revenue. In some cases the affiliate marketers that we talked to were loosing as much as 25% of their revenue each month to companies which operated this payment model. In these times of austerity every penny counts and so all of the extra money a user earns with Go2Geo, they keep.”

Go2Geo is unique in that it is a turn key service and so requires absolutely no installation and is as a result very simple to use. The system is fully scalable so users feel assured that their money generating links are in safe hands with Go2Geo as the system is designed to handle any level of traffic that is thrown at it. The simplicity also extends to the pricing structure which is paid monthly with no contract.

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