New analytics tool launched by Decibel Technology

Decibel Technology, a leading specialist in software for web development and website management, today launched Decibel Insight, a sophisticated analytics and data insight tool, providing businesses with commercially advantageous or actionable information about the value and behaviour of their website visitors– all on one screen.

For the first time, Decibel Insight tracks and records the origins, journeys, clicks and spend of each website visitor to better capture, nurture and convert traffic and in turn increase sales and revenue. Using heat maps overlaid on a website along with other visual statistics, it identifies which inbound traffic channels and on-page content contributes most to conversion and which do not.

The new, value-based analytics platform reports on the value of website interactions, rather than volume, providing marketers with truly insightful data, that enables them to focus the right content in the right areas of every page, enhancing relevancy, conversions, and ultimately leads and sales.

Brought to the market following significant successful BETA testing with leading global e-commerce and other commercial brands, Decibel Insight simplifies the way that data is presented visually, and assigns a value to every piece of content, enabling businesses to identify what content and messaging triggers conversion.

“Decibel Insight is the missing piece in the analytics puzzle, giving our customers quick, low-cost and continual access to view the behaviour of their website visitors; helping them to deliver more personal, relevant and valuable user experiences in order to extract more value from their website.” said Ben Harris, CEO, Decibel Technology. “You wouldn’t give a patient their medical charts to interpret but there are a multitude of products on the market that do just that, churn out data that busy marketers are expected to interpret. Decibel Insight visually represents what’s working on your site and what’s not, using reliable data and providing the option to dig deeper and get smarter without the need for any training. Our mission is simply to give marketers information to improve website performance at the point of editing.”

Many analytics tools on the market each address a component of the sales funnel, causing a complicated, siloed and often expensive view of the world with multiple software packages and data reporting. Decibel Insight, however, combines several different types of analysis into a single solution that enables identification of valuable sources of traffic, on-page website optimisation and lead capture and identification, in an easy to use manner that lets a brand create better websites, often by making quite simple changes.

Features include:

• Lead identification
• Video playback
• Interaction maps
• Value maps
• Channel maps
• Attention maps
• Campaign analysis
• Channel analysis
• Referrer analysis
• Leakage report
• Advanced filtering
• CRM integration
• Unlimited user
• Unlimited reports
• Taxonomy analysis
• Content analysis
• Form analytics
• All updates

Demos of Decibel Insight and Decibel CMS are available on request with Ben Harris and Timothy de Paris.

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