Marketo Delivers Industry’s First Integrated Social Marketing Application

Marketo, the provider of a leading cloud-based marketing software platform, today announced the availability of its new social marketing application, featuring the industry’s tightest integration between social, email, mobile, and web channels. Built upon Marketo’s comprehensive marketing platform and unified customer database, this new application for the first time transforms social marketing from being an isolated silo cut off from other marketing channels, into a fully integrated marketing process that can be easily combined with email, web marketing, online events, and other customer communication strategies. With this new social marketing application, dedicated social engagement campaigns such as social sweepstakes can use and feed into a unified customer profile database, and social marketing tactics can be added at the touch of a button to amplify marketing campaigns in traditional digital channels.

“Marketo has enabled us to maximize our social reach and tie social in with our other marketing activities,” said Kristy Grayson, Director Integrated Marketing at Deluxe Corporation. “Thanks to Marketo, we can now easily include social referral programs into our demand generation activities to reach new customers on our social channels, and measure the impact on our funnel and ultimately revenue.”

The new Marketo Social Marketing application includes:

•Social engagement tools such as Polls, Video Share, Content Share, Sweepstakes and Referrals

•A drag-and-drop user interface for embedding social applications into demand generation programs

•A unified customer database that allows marketers to track individual customer activity and maintain a personal dialog across social, online, and offline channels

•Deep integration between social marketing campaigns and Marketo’s leading marketing automation capabilities

•Unique analytics that allow marketers to identify and engage their key influencers and tie social marketing campaigns to core business metrics, such as new prospects, revenue and customer lifetime value.

Marketo’s platform and intuitive user interface make it easy to create compelling campaigns that interact with prospects and customers across channels. Sweepstakes and referral offers can be published on landing pages and Facebook tabs with a few clicks. Polls and video sharing increase interactions and impressions throughout the social landscape. And across all of these channels, Marketo’s automated email marketing can be used to enable personal conversations triggered by a customer’s web and social activity.

“Marketo has worked with our customers to help them incorporate social marketing into their everyday marketing activities to drive impact throughout the entire funnel,”
said Robin Bordoli, GM social marketing at Marketo. “No longer are marketers with ‘social’ in their title trapped inside of standalone social applications.”

To learn more about how to integrate social marketing into your demand generation programs, register for Marketo’s upcoming Social Marketing webinar with Deluxe on March 26, 2013 at 10am PST.

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