Weblinx Warns of Online Marketing Strategies Stagnating in 2013

Weblinx has this week released a call to arms for the businesses of the UK in light of recent and on-going developments in the world of SEO. The elite online marketing group has issued a warning against complacency in the face of small though significant signs that SEO as a whole is to undergo enormous and important changes this year at the hands of Google and other major search engines.

The message from Weblinx is a simple one – consider how thoroughly SEO efforts are refreshed, renewed and implemented or face falling dangerously behind. SEO and online marketing efforts that may have brought genuine success in 2012 and prior years could fast lose their appeal and power in 2013, as search engines do everything within their power to make life difficult for those not at the top of their game.

Ever-Changing SEO

“Due to the ever adaptive nature of the industry, website optimisation is a technique that constantly needs to be revised according to the latest search engine updates and algorithm changes. This is something that we take great pride in as we’re able to get results for clients, without compromising the website and risking penalties being applied.” – Weblinx

This year already, there have been some minor signs that Google may be gearing up to implement a significant change in the way in which websites are evaluated, scored and ultimately prioritised in the rankings. As usual, the world of the web business and online market went into something of a panic, trying to make head or tail of what exactly was going on, what it could mean and how best to cope.

What sets providers like Weblinx apart from the rest of the UK market is the way in which such updates and evolutions are in no way treated as causes for concern, but rather stimulating challenges for which there always have been and always will be solutions. One approach is to fire off every method of attack in the book to see which have any positive effect, the other is to use a methodical approach wherein only the most solid and safe white-hat techniques are applied to roll with punches – the Weblinx way.

Race for the Top

“We strive to ensure each client has the best possible chance of appearing on page 1 for their chosen keywords and/or phrases using the latest white hat SEO techniques.” – Weblinx

SEO is no longer an optional tool for an online business looking to succeed, but a fundamental prerequisite for even the most basic day-to-day survival. Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of consumers are now basing most of their purchase and investment decisions in the advice offered by search engines, sparking a race for the top of the rankings like never before.

Rather than remain with the tried and tested methods of old, Weblinx takes huge pride in pioneering the next phase of SEO and spearheading the kind of initiatives essential to ensure clients not only reach the upper-ends of the rankings, but stay there. Too many businesses are already relying on past-season SEO and wondering why they’re fast falling off the rankings altogether – Weblinx has the answers so many are looking for.

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