1&1 Internet appoints new CEO for web hosting

1&1 Internet Ltd., www.1and1.co.uk, a global leader amongst Web hosting providers, today announced that Robert Hoffmann, previously its Global Chief Sales Officer, has taken over responsibility for the company’s web hosting division worldwide as the new CEO Hosting of 1&1.  Hoffmann brings to his new remit nearly 20 years of IT business experience. 1&1’s Oliver Mauss, formerly head of 1&1’s hosting business, remains on the 1&1 Executive Board with a new responsibility for corporate venture projects and also becomes CEO of the corporate venture unit of United Internet.

Robert Hoffmann is now responsible for 1&1’s continued product innovation and the internationalisation of its hosting business.  Having already supported 1&1 Internet for 6 years, Hoffmann has to date advanced the brand’s telecommunications division in Germany and led its International Sales department which has continued to increase sales performance across all markets. 

Robert Hoffmann, comments, “I feel proud and highly energised to take the reins at 1&1’s international hosting business.  Our hosting solutions continue to lead the pack in many markets worldwide and deliver important impacts for business and professional users alike.  I look forward to my part in building upon exciting innovations across our DIY, software-as-a-service and professional hosting segments in the coming years”.

After leading 1&1’s international business for nearly 5 years, Oliver Mauss leverages his vast international industry experience to lead the corporate venture activities of both 1&1 and United Internet. In his new Executive Board position, he will focus on building and growing a separate international business line through strategic acquisitions.

For more information about 1&1 Internet Ltd., visit www.1and1.co.uk

1&1 Internet appoints new CEO for web hosting 1

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    • Thanks for your comment. However, your experience of 1&1 is vastly different to mine. I have a business account and a server with them and never had any of the problems which people complain about. Also, I have recommended them to several people – none of whom have experienced any issues either. However, all my contact with 1&1 has been in the UK – not the USA. I have been using 1&1 for over 10 years with no significant issues at all.

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