Revolutionary Digital Communications Tool the ANSACARD Launched

A revolutionary new digital communications tool which promises to make business cards a thing of the past while increasing insight and recall launches later this month.

Championing a scan, tap or text approach to sharing essential contact information, social and interactive profiles, the ANSACARD is a virtual contact card that works instantly on the move, in the office or when networking around the globe.

A wholly unique device no heavier or larger than a credit or business card, the ANSACARD uses cutting-edge technology to transform old-fashioned exchanges and paper business cards into a streamlined modern experience. It is packed with useful features for the savvy entrepreneur, including an embedded NFC chip, a dynamic QR code and interactive SMS.

Unlike printed cards which can be lost, discarded or outdated, the ANSACARD instils the information in the recipients own phone or tablet for instant recall. With just a tap, text or swipe, the card instantly transports all relevant information including telephone numbers, email addresses and corporate social profiles to any digital device.

Ian Cunningham the founder of ANSACARD said “Pen, paper and printed business cards were fine a few years ago but in the digital age, contact information needs to be provided and stored digitally. In the usual course of events you meet someone, give them your business card and hope they contact you. We discovered that that may have worked well a few years ago but modern businesses need better brand recall, more engagement and greater insight. We developed the ANSACARD as a groundbreaking way to provide essential contact information in a format that can be easily found in a smart phone, tablet or up in the cloud.

“Whoever you are taking to, wherever you are conversing, all anyone needs to do is simply tap your ANSACARD on their phone, text or scan it to receive your details to their device. There is no typing, no time wasted and no fuss. And what’s more, the information is stored and can be easily found, making business better.”

In addition to delivering contact details, the ANSACARD can also share other essential corporate information such as the organisation’s social media profiles, current promotional offers, business videos, mobile commerce, commercial presentations and up-to-date calls to action.

The ANSACARD promises increased engagement as well as greater insights for users. It is live and dynamically updated and can be managed around the clock via a private online admin suite. Cards can be pre-programmed with all relevant information when purchased and then maintained online or on the go as new offers go live, contact details change or other information becomes available.

Ian Cunningham Founder of the ANSACARD service added, “There is nothing like the ANSACARD available anywhere in the world and its potential really is unlimited. It utilises the immense power of the digital environment to provide an ultra powerful real world tool that can be used for myriad business purposes. The ANSACARD takes the simple act of sharing contact information and makes it easier, better and more streamlined as well as more profitable, more useful and more exciting.”

ANSACARD services include ANSATAG NFC labels, key fobs, pre-programming, a dedicated admin panel, interactive SMS service and a personal online profile. The cards start at £4.95 + VAT with corporate packages available. A bespoke service is available for corporate customers and organisations who require more customisation options.

The ANSACARD was built with assistance from Phillips & NXP semi-conductors, ANSATAG, Engaging Relationships and The NFC Forum.

The ANSACARD is available to buy from

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