If you are a search engine optimisation specialist, brace yourself, this will be a tough read. If you are a business owner, you too should sit back and wait for it; you are most likely not immune from the criticism coming, either. The fact of the matter is we’re all doing badly online. We are pretty much rubbish at making it work for our businesses.

First, some background. Considerable numbers of businesses have yet to get a website. Yes, I know it sounds unrealistic and daft, but according to the US Census Bureau, for instance, in 2012 only 25% of American businesses had their own website. In other words the majority of American businesses do NOT have a website; three quarters of them…! The lasts statistics I saw about the UK were from a study conducted a year or two ago, which said that only 48% of businesses here had a website. But whichever study you look at, here we are 20 years on from the first website being launched and most businesses still have not got one.

The head of search spam avoidance at Google, Matt Cutts, makes this astounding point in his recent video (see below) where he is answering questions on how businesses can do well online. “Get a website…!” he says.

Of course, having a website is one thing. Making it successful is what’s more important. And herein lies the problem. The vast majority of websites are just not successful. Take a look at this graph.

Share of Online Audience

The graph shows the percentage share of the web audience for the Top 60 websites in the world. That’s out of 400million websites. Even the BBC is getting a paltry figure compared with Google. Facebook is number two, by the way. The traffic on the web follows this typical “long tail” curve. In other words, the vast majority of traffic on the web is concentrated on just a handful of websites. So even if a business does have a website, it doesn’t tend to do very well in the grand scheme of things.

So, the video from Matt Cutts of Google should make required viewing for any business wanting to do well online. In it he reveals that concentrating on building links – a favourite of SEO “experts” – puts you in the wrong mindset. Instead, he says the best thing to do is to create compelling and interesting content that people want to share. He also, as an almost throw-away line, says that this means newspaper reporters will be interested in your material. Goodness me, he is recommending good, old fashioned public relations….! Er, hang on a minute, Google and Facebook do a lot of that, a massive, stonking great pile of a lot.

Admittedly, the video does make some rather basic “SEO” suggestions as to ensuring you use the right words in the page title or getting the meta description right. But as he points out this is principally about making people interested in your content.

Indeed, what he is really saying is what I have been saying for a decade or more; good of him to catch up.

What you need to succeed online is to focus on what people want and then write good quality compelling content that they will want to recommend to others. “SEO” it isn’t. Common sense it is.


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