MY SOCIAL RATING: A New Social Network to Rate Your Friends

MY SOCIAL RATING is the new social network on which people can quickly and easily rate others or have themselves rated.

In order to participate in MY SOCIAL RATING, an account (free of charge) must be created, after which a self-rating follows. Then, others can submit their ratings of the person in question. The ratings received can be compared to those of friends and other people being followed, including famous people, at

The rating of holidays, restaurants and electronic equipment has been very popular for some time, but rating (or having others rate) yourself and other people is something completely new. The idea behind this is to learn from ratings submitted by others, so that people are able to improve themselves thanks to the feedback received. HTTP://WWW.MYSOCIALRATING.COM

About The Rating Factory

The Rating Factory offers a global online rating platform. Thanks to technology that has been developed, people, companies, institutes and products can be rated. The Rating Factory itself will constantly launch new rating products, while also completing tailor-made assignments on behalf of clients. Our objective remains the same throughout: Improvement! HTTP://WWW.THERATINGFACTORY.COM

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