Go for a walk before writing a blog post

Every day millions of bloggers have the same problem – what to write about. Every day thousands of bloggers give up because they no longer have the motivation to write anything. Every day millions of people visit blogs to discover they are dormant, having been left untouched by their originators for years.

Blogging is a great business tool and a central component of the Internet. But over 95% of blogs get started only to die after a few weeks because their creators give up.

The problem at the heart of all this is lack of creative thought. People dry up after a while, having exhausted all the obvious blog posts they could produce.

They sit facing their computer screens, lacking any ideas as to what to put into those blank pages.

Now, new research provides a simple answer.

Get up from your PC and take a walk.

Full length portrait of a young man walking a dog, isolated on white background

It turns out that something as simple as a short walk is enough to boost creative thinking in almost everyone. Plus, the study at Stanford University found that this increase in creative thinking persisted for several minutes even after the individual sat down and rested.

In other words, if you cannot think of any ideas for your blog or your website, get up from your computer, go out for a half-hour walk and come back and sit down facing that blank screen again. You will be brimming with thoughts and ideas to help you write something, breathing new life into a flagging blog.

Not only that – walking reduces stress, cuts down on anxiety, alleviates depression and is a general health boost.

So, stop reading this blog post right now…! Get up, get out the door, walk down the street and come back ready to write a new and exciting post.

2 thoughts on “Go for a walk before writing a blog post”

  1. This is good to know. I already go for a walk (or two, ideally) every day, and I know I feel better if I start the day this way instead of having a lazy start. I get a lot more done. My ideal schedule is a walk first thing before starting work, and another one after lunch. Incidentally, this beats the mud afternoon slump too.

  2. Hi, I quite agree. I often have to write for customers, because much as I try to get them to do it, they rarely do, so it falls to me. Not knowing their industries anywhere near as well as they do, I often find that walking the dogs gives me time to think about it and come up with something which I can write about for them

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