Top 10 Social Media Tools 2017

Using social media to promote your business can suck a lot of time from your day. But, if you use the available tools, you’ll find that you are getting where you want to be a lot faster. These top-10 social media tools will help you succeed.

Tool #1: HootSuite

Hootsuite offers the ability to have all your social media in one place so that you can manage them with ease. So much personalization is lost when everything is automated but with Hootsuite you don’t have to worry about that. It allows you to engage with your social followers easier since you don’t have to jump from one account to the next.

Tool #2: Brand24

What other people are saying about you matters a great deal. If you want your mentions in one place, Brand24 will enable that. Get information about your industry, your competitors, and your niche in a way that makes everything actionable. You can get an instant look at sentiment so you can discover if discussions are positive or not. This is handy if you want to establish a good perception of your brand.

Tool #3: Buffer

You can schedule posts, add links, images, videos, team members and so much more. It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, and Instagram (you still must push from your mobile device). You can choose from individual plans and business plans depending on how many social accounts you want to manage and whether you’re doing it only for yourself or as a business.

Tool #4: TweetDeck

Sign into your Twitter account, then click the link above. You’ll be taken directly to the software so that you can manage your Twitter account easier. Never miss a mention again. You can add more than one Twitter account to the deck so that you can truly watch what happens with your entire team. If you see a message in the stream, just click the person icon and you can respond how you want to including adding links. You can also mute, block, and report right from the deck.

Tool #5: SocialFlow

Need to know when it’s best to post your information and content to your audience? Social Flow will help you take the guesswork out of this and help you create a strategy that really works to increase engagement and conversions. It works with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. What makes them unique is that they have an advertising platform, which enables you to monetize your posts based on your goals. You’ll also get recommendations on keywords and how much you should spend on advertising to succeed.

Tool #6: IFTTT

So many people don’t even know about IFTTT, this means “if this, then that” which is how the various coding works and integrates with software you already have, to make it work best. For example, let’s say you want someone to receive a special gift when they sign up for a product or service. You can automate that using an IFTTT applet. You can also schedule, monitor, and publish content based on your IFTTT codes. You can save and share Instagram photos across all your social media networks automatically. You can keep your Facebook and Twitter feeds in sync. Automatically create an archive of a topic and save your Gmail attachments to Dropbox without lifting a finger, and more. It’s very powerful, and something that you want to learn as your business grows.

Tool #7: BuzzSumo

Enter a topic or a domain to get information on that topic including what’s trending, what gets more views and so forth. You can search for the last year, or even 24 hours to get the type of up-to-date results that you need. In addition, you can filter by country, domain, content type, and so forth. With the pro version, you can even set up content alerts, which will enable you to act on trends immediately. You can take one look at the content and see how many shares it has for each social media network. When you get your results, you can export them to a file so that you can use the information whatever you’re doing to help you meet your goals.

Tool #8: Start A Fire

Integrating with other social media tools like Buffer makes “Start a Fire” even more effective at getting the most from the links that you share with your audience. What it does is add a badge to your shares that add credibility to your posts. It only works with iPhones and Macs currently. Since your shares aren’t stored on the Start a Fire network, you don’t lose out on the SEO, Analytics and so forth from sharing in this way. The Start a Fire badge is really just an additional layer of proof.

Tool #9: Hashtagify

Want to figure out the best hashtag to use for your topic? With this tool, you’ll be able to find, analyze, and amplify your message in ways you may not have considered. You can find all the hashtags related to your topic so that you can use them to capitalize on the hashtag. Enter any search term into the system to find out the top hashtags for that topic. In addition, you can find out who the top influencers are for that particular topic. This opens the possibility of asking them to promote you or sending them free product to review. Now you can track Instagram hashtags too.

Tool #10: WYNG

You know that user-generated content is also important to SEO. This tool helps you design, publish, manage, and integrate content that gets social media engagement and measures that engagement. Using their templates, you can design incentive-based campaigns that users love to share, which is the whole point of social media right? With this tool, you can reject inappropriate content and leverage feeds to make the most of your content and consumer engagement.

These top-10 social media tools will make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your engagement efforts on social media.

See an infographic on the Top 10 Social Media Tools

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