The Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

By Reggie D James Is there a future for email marketing? The answer is a resounding yes. Email is one of the most popular channels of advertising, marketing and communicating to the world. Marketers use email marketing because it provides communication directly to users, it is faster and less costly, … Read more

Is Your Open Rate Disappointing You? Read These Tips

Is Your Open Rate Disappointing You? Read These Tips By Julia Gulevich If you do marketing online, you probably have a database of subscribers, customers or clients to whom you send emails – regular newsletters, special offers, promotions and others, and you are probably monitoring your email open rate. If … Read more

Utilizing Preheaders in your Email Marketing Campaigns

Author: Coolblogger Preheaders are a powerful marketing tool. They can influence your email marketing campaigns, as they increase your click through rates, which is every email marketer’s main goal. With some understanding, creativity, and ingenuity, you just may find yourself using them in your next email campaign. What is an … Read more