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How to Make Forum Marketing Work For You

As a website owner, you need to get the word out about your site in any way that you can. One of the best ways to do this is through forum marketing. Forums are simply places online where like-minded people gather to discuss their interests. However, you have to be an established member before you […]

How to find good keywords without keyword research tools

The keywords that you use for search engine optimization are very important. Choose the right keywords and your website will get many new customers. Choose the wrong keywords and you will lose a lot of time and money. Most people focus on keyword suggestion tools when looking for new keywords. However, there are several things […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Adwords

Search engines have always been a part of the web landscape as increasing complexities of retrieving information from the web make it more difficult for regular users. In the past, the toss up for search supremacy has been pretty neck-and-neck. Now Google is the acknowledged king of the hill. Most of the revenue of Google […]

Internet Marketing Psychology Helps You Sell More

Internet Marketing Psychology Helps You Sell More

Internet Marketing Psychology is the concept of understanding how your customers think and behave so that you can engage with them better, please them greatly and ultimately sell more. The idea of using psychology to sell more is not new. Retailers in traditional stores, for instance, use psychological techniques – major supermarkets even employ psychologists […]

Make Forum Marketing Work For You

If you are a website owner, you need to get the word out about your site in every possible way that you can. One of the ways you can do this is through forum marketing. Forums are places where like-minded people gather to discuss their interests – they take their name from the forums in […]

The Importance of Branding a Domain Name Correctly

Google is one of the most well known online brand names – indeed it is one of the top brands of any business. Yet the name is wrong…! The correct spelling is “googal” – the mathematical name for the number of items the founders of the company were hoping to index. But in spite of […]

Outsourcing Marketing Tasks What Is Your Time Worth to You

Author: Abe Cherian Once of the biggest secrets of achieving your goals, is discovering how to leverage time and money effectively. While that might seem obvious to some, others never really take the time to calculate what their time is worth. At a glance, it may seem as though most of your time is productive. […]

Google to penalise ad-heavy websites – is your website at risk?

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team, announced at the PubCon conference that ad heavy websites might be penalized in the near future. What exactly are ad heavy websites and is your own website at risk? What did Matt Cutts say at the conference? Matt Cutts said that Google was testing algorithms that […]

Generate leads with inbound marketing

Never Waste an Opportunity: the Value of Lead Nurturing

By Sookie Shuen Lead Nurturing is the process of building a relationship with your leads and moving them down your sales funnel until they are ready to become a customer. How to generate leads for businesses Lead nurturing is about relationships The importance of lead nurturing When a new visitor arrives at your website, there […]

How search engines might weight the relevance of anchor texts

A recently published patent application of Microsoft gives further insight on how search engines use the anchor text in links to rank web pages. Not all links are created equally even if they use the same anchor text. What is the anchor text? The anchor text is the text that is used in the link […]

Passive Income Strategies

The Joys Of Passive Income

By Jon Rhodes For years when I worked in employment I instinctively knew that something was not right. I am not by any means a lazy person. I have regularly gone to the gym several times a week for years. I used to spend hours every day practicing the guitar, and I got good grades […]

Digital Content Marketing is essential

How Digital Content Marketing Impacts Natural Search

In the early days of the Internet, when search engines were a new concept, programmers came up with algorithms that allowed web surfers to search for content that was relevant to their initial query, comparing the search terms entered against the content on any given page. Early Internet searches threw up relevant pages, which had […]

What would Google do?

Google UK head of mobile advertising, Simon Morgan, considers the most significant developments in the field of m-commerce and crunches the mobile numbers Over the past year we’ve seen smartphones overtake PC sales for the first time. The number of people on the mobile web globally has doubled, reaching one billion and in the UK […]

Lady Gaga has mastered the art of turning a video into a social event

[youtube][/youtube] By Daniel Morell Her music videos are the most extreme, boundary-pushing, and hyped we have seen since the days of Michael Jackson and Madonna. However, her latest music video seems to lack all of those qualities. Some have even called it, well, a little boring. The video depicts the star dancing on a metal balcony […]

How to Promote your Newsletter or E-zine Online

A newsletter or e-zine is a great way to promote your business and attract readers on the Internet. You can also use a newsletter to expand your database or your list. Anyone in business can offer a newsletter as a way of getting the word out about what they do, the products they sell as […]

The Fourth Screen

Why Marketers Need To Pay Attention To The Fourth Screen

By Steve Olenski Today, marketers need to be fully aware of the “Fourth Screen” because it is growing in popularity according to the recent Nielsen Company’s “Fourth Screen Network Audience Report.” Remember the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind? It was one of Steven Spielberg’s best movies in my humble opinion. The “Third” kind referred to […]


Four ways to get natural back links

Google has become pretty good in detecting low quality web pages and links. If you use a link service that promises a lot of high PR links for little money or if you participate in a fully automated linking system, chances are that Google will penalize your website because you are trying to trick them. […]

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