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What is the Internet doing to our brains?

This video exposes the issues involved with Internet Psychology and how web psychology is affecting all of us – not necessarily for the better

Online Buyer Psychology

A video explaining how to get people to buy more from your website using psychological techniques

How to set up a successful online store

The experience of the leading online fabric retailers Joel and Son Fabrics shows exactly what you need to think about if you want to sell online.

What is SEO?

Video explaining SEO easily and in really straightforward terms.

Introducing Click.ology

Graham Jones introduces his new book Click.ology and explains what it includes to help you make more money online.

A 4x4x4 approach to writing your website

This video was produced for professional speakers, but the advice in it is applicable to any business. If you want to know what approach to take to writing your website, then watch this video.

The Innovation of Loneliness

Video showing that social media could be contributing to an increase in loneliness, rather than helping us be more in touch with others

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