A blogging system that obviously works

Here is an interview I did with Chris Challis about the system he uses for blogging and how it has transformed his occasional blog into something which he does enthusiastically. You can get my free report on the blogging system at: https://www.grahamjones.co.uk/2011/download/blogging-advice/complete-blogging-system.html

Technology – An Addiction or a Habit?

Here is a short documentary on Internet addiction in which I appear. The documentary was made by a media studies student as part of her final year project. Technology – An Addiction or a Habit?! from Claire Tacey-Green on Vimeo.

Are you at the right Internet party?

There’s a party on the Internet…but is your business part of it? Or are you hopelessly trying to get people to come into your “lounge” for a nibble? Find out where the action is on this video.