Should you sack your web designer?

This week I was at a conference where I was spending the day “in surgery”. The idea was that I would have a series of 15-minute appointments throughout the day. People booked an appointment with me to talk about their web presence and to help me “diagnose” their issues and … Read more

Are you digitally literate?

The other day I was running a masterclass for a client who had asked me to help their younger staff understand the boundary between the professional and personal use of social media. The people attending were all recent graduates and were about 23 years old, on average. They had all … Read more

Can you rely on “the cloud”?

This week presented me with a problem I was not expecting. A month ago I wrote an article for a client while I was in a hotel, away at an event. I stored it on Google Drive and sent my client the link to the file.  A day or so … Read more

Are you close to your competition?

On the way into Reading from my house, there has been an Aldi supermarket trading happily for several years. It has been on its own on the edge of a housing estate and apparently doing well. Several months ago, however, the wasteland next to it started to be developed. A … Read more

Have you got a meeting app?

The chances are you attend business meetings most weeks, if not most days. You also know the problem, don’t you? Most of those meetings that you visit are time-wasters. You probably sit there frustrated that someone is droning on about something inconsequential. You might even get bored and check your … Read more

How much should a website cost?

Twice this week I have been asked the same question: what should I pay for a website? Twice this week I have given the same answer: that’s the wrong question…! The reason it is the wrong question is that it is treating the website as though it were a “one-off” … Read more

Can you predict the future?

The other day I was lecturing at the University of Buckingham on the potential for new technology to disrupt business. The students are studying for a degree in entrepreneurship, and they are all running “live” companies as part of their studies. They were keen to discover how they could predict … Read more

Do you really need 280 characters?

This week Twitter decided to roll out an experiment in which certain people (I’m not one of them) were provided with the opportunity to write Tweets that are twice as long as normal. The company has increased the maximum length of a Tweet from 140 characters to 280.  To understand … Read more

Are you recycling enough of your material?

Here in the UK, the coming week is “Recycling Week” where a national campaign will invite us all to recycle more. In spite of increased opportunities to recycle, with more roadside collections than ever before, it turns out that Brits are recycling less. And there is a clear psychological reason … Read more

How brave do you need to be online?

There is, it seems to me, a generalised air of cowardice on the Internet. This struck me again when I was in a conversation this week with a delegate who had attended one of my masterclasses on web success for business leaders.  His company was in a traditional sector. Like … Read more

Are you making the most of #hashtags?

Social media is full of hashtags – whoops, sorry – I mean #hashtags. But why? Well, maybe a bit of history will help us understand. Many people think that hashtags were invented by Twitter or someone using the network about seven years ago. While that is true – the first … Read more

Do you need those monthly services?

This week I was with a client when we started discussing a range of services they needed to help them improve their website. “Not more monthly spending,” they said. We chatted for a while about it, and then we realised something. The Internet has quietly crept up on us and … Read more

How well do you know your competition?

Yesterday saw the start of the World Athletics Championships at the Olympic Stadium in London. Leading athletes like Sir Mo Farah and Usain Bolt have been amongst the participants. And like all top sports people, they will have prepared for months for this event. Part of their preparation will have … Read more

Should you use decoy pricing?

No doubt you have visited a website where there is a three-panel pricing grid, like the one above. You find them, for instance, on web hosting company sites where the firm offers three levels of service, each with different features. You can also find these price panels on membership sites … Read more