Are newsletters a waste of time?

You probably think this is a strange question to ask, given that I am doing so in my weekly newsletter…! However, two things have happened in the past week that has meant the whole notion of newsletters is being questioned. The first thing that made people question email newsletters is … Read more

Is your phone affecting your work?

This week the iPhone turned ten years old. When it was launched, it was nothing compared with today’s devices. At the time the iPhone was first introduced, leading experts and industry leaders all rounded on Apple saying they had invented something that wasn’t necessary and which had no future. Even … Read more

Are you producing the right content?

Your website – indeed your whole media presence, including social media – depends upon “content”. This will include articles, blog posts, images, videos, podcasts, infographics, slideshows and polls, to name just a few.  If you write a blog post just once a week, your words will be amongst the 15m … Read more

How human is your business?

The past few month have not been the best in Britain, have they? We’ve had terrorist attacks, an indecisive election exposing significant divisions in our society, and now the dreadful Grenfell Tower fire. Yet amongst all the problems, one thing has shone through. Whether it was in Manchester, or Borough … Read more

How to be an email superstar

Thank you for opening this email; I appreciate it. I know that this is just one of hundreds of emails you will receive today and so I am grateful that you chose to open mine. Typically, each of us now receives 300 emails per day. The average office worker is … Read more