Stop putting it off – start your blog now!

Yesterday I met a successful businessman who runs his own company and who has been “thinking about writing a blog for over a year now” – his exact words. Last week I met a woman whose web site has been in the “planning stage” for nearly 18 months and by the end of this year will be “perfect” and ready for launch. What a waste. That’s two people I’ve met in the past week, both running their own businesses who are putting off their Internet activity. Both of them are losing business as a result. Both of them are allowing their competitors to gain online market share, which will be difficult to claw back. I often find it amazing how people come up with excuses for inaction. “I don’t have time”; “It’s got to be exactly right for me”; “I need to learn more about it”; and so on. You’ve heard them – and more – I am sure. Whenever I speak about blogging at conferences and seminars I find that everyone has considered it, but only a handful have implemented it. And it’s not “new fangled” – blogging has been with us for over nine years now. The procrastination of blogging is tantamount to saying “I’m happy that my business doesn’t succeed as much as it could”. Now, if you don’t want your business to succeed, to improve, to do better – fine. But most of the business people I meet are striving for greater success – more sales, more customers, different customers and so on. The world has changed and blogging is an essential component in trying to achieve those things. Which is why I’m so glad to read “Why (almost) every company should stop procrastinating and start blogging now“. If you are still thinking about blogging, or only using it “part time”, you need to read this article.

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