Why you need more than one blog

Having a single blog is not enough, particularly for those running a business online. Here’s why. The vast majority of blogs get very little traffic; only a handful of people read a typical blog. Indeed, one study suggests that 40% of all blogs receive less than 10 readers per week. Furthermore, another study reveals that 74% of people find blogs by their friends and family the most interesting. Taken together, these two pieces of research suggest that the typical business blog gets few readers and little real interest. So how can you solve that? The answer is to use the principal of The Long Tail, which shows you can earn more money from hundreds of small audiences than you can with one big audience. So, if you create several blogs on each small aspect of your business, you will gain several audiences. If you have 10 blogs each getting 10 readers a week, that’s 100 people in contact with your business. But if you only have one blog, you might only get 10 readers or less. Some big businesses are already realising this. For instance, IBM has a blogging system called Blog Central, which has 12,000 bloggers. So take a tip from big business, don’t have one blog, have several.

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