Big business is catching up with the Internet – at last

If you’ve heard me speak in public, you’ll know that one of the regular themes I talk about is the fact that a business needs several web sites, not just one. In the offline world, few businesses have one point of contact. But in the online world they seem to think they only need one web site. Your business needs a web site for each product or service, for each target audience and for each theme you cover. I have been banging this drum for several years now. So, guess how happy I was to receive notification this morning that IBM has at last caught up with my idea. According to IBM “a stand-alone corporate web site is no longer sufficient to maintain a company’s relationship with its Internet-savvy audience.” This announcement will be made in a seminar in Philadelphia on 10th January 2007. Good to see that the corporate world is at long last waking up to how people use the Internet and the response they need for that.

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