Happy Birthday Blogging

The world has just celebrated ten years of blogging. That’s right, blogging started back in 1997 and since that time over 70 million blogs have been produced with 120,000 starting each day.

Yet, the vast majority of web site owners and online businesses have yet to start a blog. What’s keeping them? Other technologies introduced a decade ago, such as sequential autoresponders or sophisticated shopping carts have been adopted with relish. Yet, blogging is comparatively easy. Setting up autoresponders or shopping carts requires technical skills; blogging is just typing.

But therein lies the problem. Most businesses online are technologically led. Setting up shopping carts and autoresponse systems is the stuff of engineers. They love the challenge, the editing of the code and the sense of achievement when it all works. Just typing words doesn’t turn them on.

Most businesses place their web site in the IT department. Hence, most business web sites are technologically based, rather than business based or marketing led. Blogging is a huge marketing tool that can dramatically change the online success of a business. But because most business web sites are controlled by IT, blogging doesn’t get as much of a look in as it might.

The time has come for businesses to take web sites away from IT. Once that happens we’ll see even more blogs. The next ten years looks even more exciting.

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