How to make real money as a blogger – get creative

Bloggers who make money are few and far between. There are some well known bloggers who earn a ton of cash, but few bloggers are generating real incomes. Yet it all seems a great idea. Just sit at your PC for an hour or so each day, write a few bits and pieces and watch the money flow in. Well it doesn’t quite work like that.

Every day 100,000 new blogs are started, so finding ways to make money inside the huge growth of blogging is very difficult. Yet clearly it can be done. Darren Rowse, a former church minister in Australia, now earns his income blogging. He was featured in a recent article in The Times and there’s one comment he made, buried towards the bottom of the story that’s absolutely essential to success in blogging.

Darren said that you need to be creative. A blog that is “ordinary” will not make money. You need to be unusual, different, weird even. Perez Hilton makes money from blogging about Hollywood tittle-tattle, for instance. Overheard in New York makes a reported $8,100 a month simply from things overheard in New York!

Overheard in New York

Clearly making money with your blog needs creativity. So here are some web sites that could help you with being more creative:

7 Keys to Creative Genius


Creative for Business

Finding Your Creative Edge

Creative Thinking

What can you learn from these sites? How to free yourself from the “standard” blog and become more original and different. That’s how you will make money.

But there is another way – the option I use. My blog is fairly “standard”, but it’s aim is not to make money directly. Instead I make money from this blog as it establishes my reputation and expertise in my subject area. So, you can make money from blogging without any cash “from the page” itself. But if you do want to make money directly from blogging, you cannot be “ordinary”.

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