Bloggers who have built up a loyal following of readers could be set for rich rewards. According to Business Week magazine, several blogs are being eyed up by traditional publishers as potential take-over targets. Great news for the bloggers. However, there is a revealing comment, almost as a throw-away line, in the Business Week article.

It says that “Internet users would rather participate in the news than simply consume it” and that this is why blogging is so popular. But this is not startling news. As a young cub reporter on a local evening newspaper I remember my genial old editor reminding me to get the name of everyone who attended any event I wrote about.

“Why should I waste time doing that?” I asked. “Because,” said the savvy editor, “if their name is in the paper they’ll buy a copy.”

In other words, local newspapers earn much of their income by involving the local people (their audience) in the news. Local newspapers already know that people would rather participate in the news than consume it. Once again, this latest blogging story shows us that if your blog is about the world that your readers inhabit – even if that is a narrow niche – you will succeed.

So does your blog publish stories and articles about yourself, or is it about your reader’s world.

Oh, and one other thing – if you want to feature in my blog, here on this page, just comment below with your name and why you think I should mention you. Everyone who comments is guaranteed featuring within these pages. Fame at last…!


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