Where should you blog?

Windows Live is the latest blogging system to become available. It has been in beta testing for some time, but Microsoft has now made the system mainstream. For anyone thinking about blogging this throws another spanner in the works.

Now you can blog at Blogger, or Windows Live. You can use WordPress or TypePad. If you want you could use Movable Type or SquareSpace. The list goes on.

Some people swear by Blogger; others swear at it. Vast armies of people swarm to the defence of WordPress, whereas others will attack it at any opportunity. If you are thinking of blogging and try to research the field, all you are faced with is a barrage of conflicting advice.

So here’s the secret to choosing a blogging system. Find one you like personally. Look for things that you get on with in terms of layout, ease of use and the way it all works. You might find WordPress works for you whereas someone else reckons SquareSpace is easier. It does not matter.

The system you use to create your blog is largely irrelevant. What is most important is the content. Your audience is not that bothered with how you did it. What they are interested in is what you say.

For instance, pick up your favourite magazine. Take a good look at it; read it, study the pictures. Now, having done that, are you concerned with the printing technology that was used, or the lenses chosen by the photographers? Probably not. Your blogging audience is not bothered with the technology you choose for your blog either. So, simply choose a system you get on with – there is no right or wrong answer.

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