How long does it take to write a book? Months, years? How about hours? Creativity expert, Ayd Instone, recently wrote, designed and had on sale his latest book inside four hours. “RAW questions for creative thinking” will take you longer to read than Ayd took to put the whole thing together.

Several years ago I wrote a book about producing newsletters. I thought I had achieved some kind of record since I only took five days to write that book. Ayd Instone’s new book puts me to shame.

But what does his book on creativity and the way he has produced it really tell us? Internet marketers and those running an online business know that content is essential. But business owners I meet all complain about the same thing – they don’t know what content to produce and even if they did, they wouldn’t have time to do all the work.

However, guess what – the average business owner I meet spends more time complaining about the lack of time they have than Ayd took to write his book. If business owners actually stopped moaning they would have time to produce something. What’s holding them back in terms of online success is lack of action.

So, take a tip froim Ayd – don’t dilly dally, just get on and do something. You’ll find you are able to create something more quickly than you ever thought possible. Can you beat four hours for a book? The contest is now on….!

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