A new year, so expect changes to Internet marketing

At this time of year you will find dozens of people and organisations making all sorts of predictions about 2007. Many of the predictions will be complete tosh. Others will have some substance. However, there as one prediction tucked away in a list of ten for 2007 that caught my eye. This was the point that people are more swayed by word of mouth than they are by advertising or direct contact by marketers. This fact was used to suggest that 2007 will see a rise in user generated content. Now, I agree, user generated content is rising all the time and is of clear importance to any web site owner. But the notion that word of mouth sways people more than any direct contact with a marketer is of profound importance to anyone marketing on the web. What you need to do is to get other people talking about you and your products. That will provide you with much greater conversion rates than tweaking your Google AdWords campaign.

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