Is Six Apart blogging company ready to sell?

Today’s UK Sunday Times newspaper reports that Mena Trott, the co-owner of Six Apart (who produce TypePad and Movable Type) would be prepared to sell the company for less than $1bn. She also reveals that she wants a family and is going to review the future of the company this year. The article also reports that the blogs written by Times journalists and columnists are all run on Six Apart systems – indicating a close link between the two companies. Perhaps today’s article about the “couple who made the big time in blogs” is the first shot in the PR campaign to make the Trotts even richer? With the ever increasing popularity of blogging, the dominance of Google’s Blogger and the technical complexities of WordPress, the products from Six Apart are well poised to become even more important. However, they probably need mass investment from a larger media partner. Now just a thought…who owns the Sunday Times? And gosh…! He also owns MySpace…I wonder what developments for Six Apart may be around the corner?

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