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It’s clear that Google knows a thing or two about marketing, don’t you agree? After all, you don’t earn $7 billion a year without knowing something. So it was interesting to read the details of a presentation made by Google Marketing Executive, Brendan McGeever. He spoke at a local business meeting in Westchester, USA and his speech was reported by the local paper, The Journal. What he said was fascinating and provides a great insight into how Google thinks about marketing. And if they do their marketing his way (and I assume they do)then we all ought to learn a thing or two. So what did he say? Well, he believes marketing is a conversation, that you should really get to know your customers as a result of talking to them. He also said you shouldn’t try to solve business problems in the board room – get out there amongst your customers to find the answers. Equally, he reckoned you should stick around teenagers to spot up-coming trends in technology that could be useful to your business. In particular he highlighted the importance of community – social networking. One other important thing he said – which Google themselves clearly do – is to make a product available even before you have finished it or got it “perfect”. Too many people waste time trying to produce the perfect item, when they could be selling it to make money and gaining feedback to improve it by having it available in the marketplace. Google themselves do this with their Google Labs. But it’s a good tip. I meet many people who are at the “finishing stage” of their ebook – which seems to last several months. Indeed, the other week I was contacted by a chap whose web site was nearly finished and almost ready to go live after a year of “development”. What a waste. So, here are Google’s marketing tips for your business:

  • Make something available even if it isn’t perfect. Use feedback on the less than perfect item to improve it.
  • Have conversations with your customers and potential customers. Use what they tell you to shape what you sell.
  • Take part in all sorts of communities associated with your business.
  • Stick around teenagers and young people to spot technology trends.

So that’s not too difficult is it? And if it works for Google to help them make their billions, then it should work for you too.

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