Mobile Functionality Is Key In New Browser Era According To Reality Digital

The availability of mobile functionality in brand websites is essential in a digital era where browsing trends and methods are moving towards portability according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of white label social network ( software for brands and businesses.

With a large number of users now browsing the Internet using tools such as mobile phones and PDA’s, there has been a demand on companies to provide websites that are accessible by the browsers of such devices. With Internet speeds often stretched by mobile signals, the onus has been on the websites to make access as straightforward as possible.

The incorporation of such features means that brands can allow their consumers to remain connected whilst they are on the move. Furthermore, the use of a brand focused social network in engaging fans of a brand often heightens their experience, and the implementation of a platform such as Reality Digital Opus that facilitates mobile uploads will help them to contribute to a brand network whenever and wherever they wish.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “Mobile browsing is a trend that has become increasingly relevant to brands over the past couple of years, particularly through the popularity of smart phones such as the Iphone. To capitalise on such trends, brands have had the option of creating a mobile friendly website, or indeed downloadable apps.”

“Developing apps can be an expensive and time consuming process, and so one of the easier alternatives is for a brand to incorporate features into their website that allow their users to interact with the brand remotely.”

Reality Digital’s Opus social networking application ( allows brands and businesses to incorporate all of the latest, high end social media features into their website, either as a brand new network in its entirety, or as stand alone features incorporated into an existing framework.

The software also incorporates a HD video platform (, a highly effective tool for audience engagement. Users have the power to interact directly with a brand and feel valued as part of its community, significantly heightening a consumers brand experience.