The sun is shining and I bet you do not want to blog

Who wants to blog on a sunny day?

Who wants to blog on a sunny day?

The sun is shining, there is not a cloud in the sky and the last thing you want to do is write a blog post. You’d much rather be outside, relaxing with a refreshing glass of your favourite tipple by your side as you lean back in your lounger and drift into the pages of a book. Peace and quiet, only broken by the tweeting of the birds and the chap down the road mowing his lawn. It’s a blissful, cloudless day – why write?

Well, for a start, it’s only a blissful cloudless day here in the south of the UK. Over in New York they are about to get severe thunderstorms and a “storm watch” has been issued. You might think that there is no point in writing your blog today because everyone is out enjoying the weather, but many of your potential readers will be indoors, clicking away online because going outside is not an option…!

The weather has a real impact on your website habits. It may seem obvious, but when the sun shines, people search for sunshiny things, like barbecues. And when it snows they tend to search for transport related issues. Taking into account the weather patterns in the location of your main audience can bring you real benefits.

For instance, let’s imagine your target market is UK-based. That means today the search terms are going to be weighted towards “sun”, “sunshine”, “BBQs” – indeed anything which has to do with being outdoors in the sunny weather. If you sit back today and go “oh well, there’s no point in blogging today, everyone will be out enjoying the weather” you will have missed out on all those weather-related searches. Write some sunny stuff and they will find it. But, if your target audience is in North America, today they are going to be searching for things like holidays, entertainment and other distractions from the vile storms outside. So write material that is appropriate for people stuck indoors in the rain.

If your blog post today is targeted at the weather-related search terms in your main locations, it means you will be able to reach more people. Far from relaxing in the sunshine today, what you should be doing is blogging more and more material which is weather-related. That way you’ll get more readers. People may well be out relaxing in the sun, but many of them will have their phones and netbooks with them; in spite of the UK weather, there will still be plenty of British web traffic today.

And, you can tap into the traffic if you write about something weather-related. The sunny weather may not be motivating you to write, but it is motivating your potential readers to search for sunny stuff.

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  1. Well as I said – sunshine encourages people to do other things, besides sitting at their computers. It is much more attractive to go out and enjoy the good weather than to sit indoors at your computer…!

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