1&1 MyBusiness Site provides a successful website in minutes

1&1 Internet Ltd, a global leader amongst web hosts, now provides small businesses with new tools to create a professional online presence quickly and easily.  With two new additions to the 1&1 MyBusiness Site range, 1&1 Internet can even better meet the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs who require a compelling and professional website at low cost.  All three 1&1 MyBusiness Site packages include a choice of 125 industry-specific templates with related pre-filled texts for sectors ranging from accountant to wine merchant.

All 1&1 MyBusiness Site packages include 1 free domain, 200 e-mail accounts, unlimited web space and data traffic.  The new 1&1 MyBusiness Site package for all industries will include the same great functions available on the original 1&1 MyBusiness Site version.  Additional features have also been integrated and now include a Visitor Counter and Guestbook.  The new 1&1 MyBusiness Site package costs £9.99/month+VAT.

The new 1&1 MyBusiness Site Plus package is available for only £19.99/month+VAT.  Complete with an Image Library, users have access to an archive of around 2,500 license-free high-resolution images for creating an appealing website for their business.  In addition, RSS News Feeds, weather and industry news channels are delivered by 1&1 and incorporated directly into web pages.  A small company website can now become a communication hub where customers can stay up to date on industry-specific news while visiting the website, as well as general news such as politics, the economy, sports and culture.


Further 1&1 MyBusiness Site Plus features include a newsletter tool, a product catalogue and product search function where a company’s product range can be presented to visitors in an appealing format that is convenient to search using filter options.  The Document Viewer feature is a convenient way to integrate documents from pdf, doc, ppt formats (such as brochures, price lists, articles etc.), into website pages and allow visitors to browse, zoom, download and print if desired.  The feature allows businesses to reduce the mailing or emailing of materials to their customers.


The 1&1 MyBusiness Site Plus and flagship 1&1 MyBusiness Site Premium package both feature a new shop function, allowing users to sell items 24/7 over the Internet, with no software or programming skills required.  The customer-friendly optimised ordering process is based on 1&1’s long experience offering eCommerce solutions.  Payments can be made off-line (cash in advance, cash on delivery, invoice) or electronically via the online payment system PayPal.  PayPal supports many common payment methods such as direct debit or credit card.  The website owner automatically receives an email detailing an incoming order.  It is also possible to define product specific prices, tax rates and shipping costs with the very easy- to-use configuration tool.

Furthermore, 1&1 provides all MyBusiness Site customers the ability to easily measure the effectiveness of their website. 1&1 SiteAnalytics indicates where homepage visitors originate and what content they are viewing.  Analysis can be displayed in form of a pie or a bar chart or table listing over an adjustable evaluation period.  With data updated daily, businesses can better measure their marketing campaigns or activities such as newsletters and banner ads.  Website owners can also see the pages that most lead viewers to leave their website, and with which tags the website was found from search engines.
In addition to all the above features, 1&1 MyBusiness Site Premium users receive comprehensive services for search engine optimisation – the optimal choice for successful online marketing.  The 1&1 MyBusiness Site Premium package, available for £29.99/month+VAT, includes the 1&1 SEO Ready Service.  1&1 agents inspect the company website to ensure that it is optimally placed for registration in all major online search engines.  1&1’s experts will provide advice on a case-by-case basis to help a business improve positions within search results, and are available to answer any questions.  Using 1&1’s SEO Ready Service, clients can make a website more competitive and track how it ranks in comparison to their industry competitors with regular reports available to them.

Those interested in 1&1 MyBusiness Site can test any of the packages with a free 30-day trial with full use of the inclusive features.  For more information visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk

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