When is the best time of day to write a blog?

Blogging has to be fitted in within your daily schedule. You can use excellent tools such as CoSchedule to organise your blogging activity, but that still leaves you with the decision as to when to blog. Should you write a blog post first thing in the morning, at lunchtime or even, perhaps, late at night?

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Some people advocate writing your blog posts first thing in the morning. The idea is that you get the job done, and it is out of the way before you get on with “real business”.

Others argue that the best time of day is at lunchtime – providing you with something different and potentially more interesting to do between all the routine work stuff; a kind of break.

Then there are other people who say you should blog at the end of the working day so that you get all of your work done before doing something that is perceived as a lower priority.

Now, though, new research suggests a different option. The study from research conducted across the UK, Germany and Hungary implies that the best time to blog is late at night.

This study was looking at something known as “autobiographical memory” – how we remember our own lives. The researchers wanted to know how much would people recall from recording a daily diary depending upon the time of day they wrote their journal.

People who completed their diary entry last thing at night before going to bed were the ones who remembered the most details 30 days later. The researchers believed that this was because of the impact of memory formation during sleep. It is already known that one of the functions of sleep is to help preserve memories. However, if something happens early in the day, there is a greater chance of “interference” with that memory before it gets organised during sleep.

For bloggers, recalling what you have previously written about is a good part of doing the work well. Otherwise, there is the chance you will repeat earlier blog posts or too frequently write about the same thing. Writing your blogs late at night could help ensure you keep closer tabs on your writing, helping to ensure that you remember your previous blog posts more easily. That, in turn, will help you to introduce more variety into your blogging by reducing repetition.

Blogging late at night could, therefore, improve your blog.

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