This is what people think about me….! Very interesting; a large involved subject but you gaev a good overview to enable me to make informed decisions in future. Thank you.Tim Edwards, Container Team Extremely interesting, informative and hugely useful. An eye opener.Martyn Brocklesby, Geotechnical Engineering Really enlightening and informative with some great tools to take … Read more

My CV (Resumé)

Experience 1984-presentSelf employed Worked as a psychologist helping people in companies communicate more effectively, with a particular emphasis in recent years on using the Internet Enabled companies to be more effective online and improve their profitability as a result Written 27 books, including 12 about the Internet and been a major contributor to several others, … Read more

What is an Internet Psychologist?

I am a psychologist who specialises in understanding how people behave in the online world. Some people call me a cyberpsychologist. I look at the way people use the Internet, what makes them “tick” online and how they cope with the various technologies. The information I provide helps business owners and executives ensure that they … Read more

About Graham Jones

Graham Jones Graham Jones Reviews United Kingdom Speakers E-Commerce Speakers Social Media Speakers Psychology Speakers Marketing Speakers Business Speakers powered by Speaker Wiki I am a professional speaker, psychologist, consultant and author who specialises in the way we use the Internet.  I use that knowledge to help businesses make more money online by ensuring that … Read more

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