Google says that valid HTML code is a quality signal

Webmasters are not sure about the importance of valid HTML code. Some think that it is very important while other say that it doesn’t matter. Last week, Googlesaid that valid HTML code is a quality signal: “Why does validation matter? There are different perspectives on validation—at Google there are different approaches … Read more

Mobile Web Design – The New Era for Design

By Tom Crowle Since the mobile phone has stopped being just a mobile phone, and more or less become a portable pocket computer, it has changed how we all interact and function on a daily basis. The term “mobile phone” refers to the whole portable package that allows you to … Read more

Top Three Things to Avoid in Your Website

By Torri Myler The Internet may be growing more and more professional as service and content providers vie for visitors’ attention, trying to secure a chunk of the expanding market for themselves, but there is still quite a lot of very bad practice in terms of online design. Admittedly, nothing … Read more

What Is Sustainable Web Design?

By Marie Coles In this day and age, you’ve probably come across the term ‘sustainable design’. But what does it actually mean in terms of web design…. Sustainable design is a concept whereby something is built or created accordingly to sustainability principles that include economic, social and ecological sustainability. The … Read more

5 Easy Tips For Improving Your Business Website

By Colette Mason If customers don’t stick around on your website long because they find it confusing, frustrating or boring, ultimately, your business will struggle to make any sales online. The great news for you is there are tons of quick and easy – usually free ways – to make … Read more

A Brilliant Approach in Web Design

By: Stephen Grisham, Sr. The design of the majority of websites focuses on functionality and/or design, but in order for a website to be a success, other aspects must be taken into consideration.These factors include: Usability: Is your audience able to locate what they are looking for? Functionality: How efficient … Read more

Constructing A Website That Works

By Karen Thomson Before you even consider starting to build your first website, you need to think very carefully about what you are going to include in it. For instance, you should not create a site that promotes numerous unrelated affiliate products. As you can imagine, a potential customer will … Read more

Four Things Every Web Site Headline Must Do

Homepage headlines are not easy…they have to fulfil multiple purposes and please a wide variety of people. That said, don’t give up…because your home page headline is arguably the most important piece of writing on your site. Read Full ArticleArticle Source: