How to give your blog personality

Gordon Brown’s personality has been under scrutiny from well before the time he became prime minister. Two years ago, as Tony Blair was preparing to leave Downing Street, Time Magazine profiled Mr Brown saying his likely success was all “A Question of Character“. Two years on and the Labour Party … Read more

How to make blogging easy

Bloggers in business settings frequently give up writing their blogs fairly promptly after that first flush of enthusiasm is waning. Indeed, most blogs are set up, contributed to occasionally and then left to wither and fade away. But it need not be like this. You need to plan your blog … Read more

Blogging is a massive waste of time

Bloggers are wasting millions of hours of productivity around the world – and it’s getting worse. Just over two blog postings are made every second of every day – and that’s only for the regularly active blogs. According to the latest figures from blogwatcher, Technorati, around 3m blogs are updated … Read more

What is blogging? What is a blog?

What is blogging? What is a blog? Two simple questions – but they are frequently asked. There used to be a relatively straightforward answer; not any more. Blogging is changing out of all recognition. Let’s try and consider some potential answers to the questions. Perhaps blogging is the act of … Read more

Can you believe blogs?

Bloggers sometimes lie. Indeed there are some notorious blogs which aren’t quite what they purport to be. Two years ago the giant American corporation Wal-Mart withdrew a fake blog, “Wal-Marting Across America”, from the web. Other companies like Coca Cola and Sony have had to take similar action following exposure … Read more

US General is an Internet hero too

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, is a highly decorated and very senior commander within the US Army. Not only is he a military hero, he is now a hero for bloggers and those interested in the whole concept of “user-generated content”. LTG Caldwell has gone further than any other … Read more