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Five reasons you should buy “Blogging for Business”

Blogging for Business is the new book by Chris Garrett – a leading UK consultant on blogging and new media. It is, without doubt, the best book on blogging I have seen in ages. Over the years I have bought every book going on blogging and this surpasses even the


Blogging dramatically increases website traffic

Blogging is good for your business. A new study from Hubspot shows that companies that are blogging get more visitors than businesses which do not write a regular blog. Indeed, the analysis of data from more than 1,500 businesses reveals that firms which have blogs get 55% more traffic than


Baby P blogs mark the end of secrecy

Tracey Connolly is clearly a women with serious problems. Apart from now having to face the inevitable psychological turmoil of being publicly named and shamed as the mother of “Baby P”, she also reportedly laughed as her partner, Steven Barker, broke the hapless child’s back. Yesterday the British courts lifted

Blogging Writer's Block

Blogging writer’s block removed

Blogging Writer’s Block is one of the main reasons why so many people give up blogging. Most blogs get started with a series of enthusiastic posts, only to find that the passion dwindles as the pressure to write something – anything – takes over.


What exactly is a blog?

What exactly is a blog? Every year around 30,000 people type that very question into Google. No doubt millions of other people ask the same question mentally, but aren’t that bothered to find out. Yet for businesses it’s an important question they rarely seem to answer. Have you decided what


Use a blog to keep your customers happy

A happy customer is usually a loyal customer and is also someone who ends up referring business to you as well. In other words, look after your customers and they will look after you. That, of course, is a rather well-known business adage, which is why it is so suprising

How to build a high traffic blog without killing yourself

Tim Ferris is something of a phenomenon. He is the author of “The 4-hour Work Week” in which he reveals how to live an entirely different, personal lifestyle on just half a day of work each week. Now, in this video he shows how to create and run a blog


Being regular is more important than being frequent for bloggers

Bloggers often debate how often should they publish. “Should I blog every day?”, they ask, “Or should I blog twice a week or once a week?”, they add. Every blogger has the same quest – finding the perfect frequency of blogging. They are seeking a “magic pill” kind of answer;


How to give your blog personality

Gordon Brown’s personality has been under scrutiny from well before the time he became prime minister. Two years ago, as Tony Blair was preparing to leave Downing Street, Time Magazine profiled Mr Brown saying his likely success was all “A Question of Character“. Two years on and the Labour Party


How to make blogging easy

Bloggers in business settings frequently give up writing their blogs fairly promptly after that first flush of enthusiasm is waning. Indeed, most blogs are set up, contributed to occasionally and then left to wither and fade away. But it need not be like this. You need to plan your blog


Blogging is doing you more harm than good

Bloggers the world over are sitting in front of their computers at this very moment trying to write something. As you read this, someone, somewhere else in the world is struggling to write something. Why? Because someone, somewhere has told them that blogging is good for them.   Stuck for

Blogging is a massive waste of time

Bloggers are wasting millions of hours of productivity around the world – and it’s getting worse. Just over two blog postings are made every second of every day – and that’s only for the regularly active blogs. According to the latest figures from blogwatcher, Technorati, around 3m blogs are updated

What is blogging? What is a blog?

What is blogging? What is a blog? Two simple questions – but they are frequently asked. There used to be a relatively straightforward answer; not any more. Blogging is changing out of all recognition. Let’s try and consider some potential answers to the questions. Perhaps blogging is the act of

Now we discover people don’t believe blogs – so stop blogging…!

A major survey of over 27,000 people has discovered that blogs are the least credible source of information online. Coupled with similar research on the trustworthiness of blogs, this most recent study suggests the end is nigh for blogging. According to the study, we believe “word of mouth” over and

Business blogging isn’t worthwhile says new study

New research from Forrester suggests that business blogging could well be a waste of time. It seems that only 16% of Internet users trust what they read on business blogs. And – worse – this is the lowest trust rating for any web content. What the study reveals is a

Get more attention for your blog and you will naturally start to write more

Researchers at Hewlett Packard have worked out why some people do well online and others don’t. The study looked at contributions made to YouTube. Why do some people post loads of videos on YouTube and others give up? It’s an interesting question and relates to many other areas. For instance,

Blogging is dead, but bloggers are alive and kicking

Blogging is dead, it seems. Only last month I said that blogging is dying, but the latest view is that blogging is already dead. Interesting then, that all the discussion about whether blogging has had it’s day is taking place in blogs, of all places! The debate has been kicked

Blogging is dying – long live blogging

Blogs are fundamental to the Internet; without them Google would have little fresh content to index, other than brand new web sites. Existing web sites can help improve their indexing by Google (and other search engines) if they include a blog. The reason is simple. When we visit a search