Successful bloggers are helpful people

Babies prefer helpful people to the nastier kind. New research from Yale University’s Infant Cognition Center shows that in almost all cases babies as young as six months old show a distinct preference for things which help others. In the experiments, puppets and objects are shown trying to achieve something, … Read more

Niche blogs do not mean success

The people of Newbury, in Berkshire, must be keen grocery shoppers. In spite of the fact that this small market town has a population of only 30,000 people, Tesco has just opened it’s third store there. There is a massive Tesco Extra a mile or so South, there is a … Read more

Blogging is not enough

Silence covered the room as the question was asked, but slowly one man at the back raised his hand to answer. “Ah good,” I said, “someone here has been blogging in their business. Tell us your story please.” The middle-aged, balding chap rose to his feet and stumbled out just … Read more

How to avoid blogging hell

Many bloggers are unhappy bloggers. They find it difficult to get inspired to write and when they do they are upset by the lack of readers. Then when they look at their website’s statistical data they are even more saddened by the lack of time people spend reading their musings. … Read more

Baby P blogs mark the end of secrecy

Tracey Connolly is clearly a women with serious problems. Apart from now having to face the inevitable psychological turmoil of being publicly named and shamed as the mother of “Baby P”, she also reportedly laughed as her partner, Steven Barker, broke the hapless child’s back. Yesterday the British courts lifted … Read more

What exactly is a blog?

What exactly is a blog? Every year around 30,000 people type that very question into Google. No doubt millions of other people ask the same question mentally, but aren’t that bothered to find out. Yet for businesses it’s an important question they rarely seem to answer. Have you decided what … Read more