Feeling low? Write a blog…!

Happy smiling businesswoman with laptop at office

Many people who run businesses or who work in the typical office are not in the best mood to do the best. So, just how can you improve that situation and be more positive? You might not be able to afford the luxuries offered by Google to its staff, but at least there is one thing you can do which will significantly improve the mood of your staff – and yourself. What is it? You guessed it – blogging.

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Blogging wins – again..!

Blogging is brilliant

Here’s a conundrum for you. Let’s see if we can work it out. According to several studies, most business do NOT blog. Back in 2009 less than 16% of the Fortune 500 were blogging. And according to a study last year the number of companies blogging would rise to just … Read more

Top 10 Blogging Ideas

Have you noticed that whenever there is some political news on the TV, certain politicians always have something to say? It doesn’t seem to matter what the story is about, up pops the “same old face” to comment on the issue. In the media world these individuals are known as … Read more

Your blog is on a bumpy road

Is your blog somewhere on a hype cycle? Parents take one look at Jim Shaikh’s invention, the Yoomi, and go “why didn’t I think of that?”. The Yoomi is a self-heating baby bottle. Every parent with a baby has faced the difficulty of a screaming infant who is desperate for … Read more

Make your blog sing an ARIA

Jackie Evancho is after Susan Boyle’s mantle. The 10-year-old singer has appeared in America’s Got Talent and has wowed the audience with her operatic aria. It is a reminder of the fact that when you produce an outstanding solo performance, you get an ovation and many, many admirers. So, how … Read more