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5 reasons why you need to read ProBlogger

There are few occasions when you buy a book and then read it from cover to cover in one sitting. But that’s just what’s happened to me..! Yesterday, I bought “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income“. It’s written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett – two

Can you believe blogs?

Bloggers sometimes lie. Indeed there are some notorious blogs which aren’t quite what they purport to be. Two years ago the giant American corporation Wal-Mart withdrew a fake blog, “Wal-Marting Across America”, from the web. Other companies like Coca Cola and Sony have had to take similar action following exposure


US General is an Internet hero too

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell, IV, is a highly decorated and very senior commander within the US Army. Not only is he a military hero, he is now a hero for bloggers and those interested in the whole concept of “user-generated content”. LTG Caldwell has gone further than any other


That question keeps coming back – should you blog?

Business owners keep asking whether or not they should have a blog. They’ve heard of blogging, but they are not convinced it has any business benefits. Rightly, business owners need to know if their is a return on their investment in blogging; and it’s not just the costs of the

Blogging could cure your ills and boost your staff health

Writers who have physical trauma heal faster than people who do not write. Strange as it may seem, studies have shown that physical problems heal more quickly if you write down your feelings. No-one is quite sure why, but the evidence of a mind-body link is so great that even

A simple bit of psychology is all you need to be a blogger

Bloggers are not special people, though if you look at some blogs you might be amazed at the output of these individuals; when do they sleep? Some bloggers write several very long articles each day; others blog with loads of little posts throughout the day. It seems as though all

Take care – blogging can kill you

Russell Shaw was a prolific blogger on technology subjects. I say “was” because, sadly, Roger died of a heart attack a few weeks ago at the age of 60. Marc Orchant, a blogger with the publishing giants ZDNet also passed away recently at just 50 years old, also from a


Don’t call your blog a blog….!

Blogging is little more than what we have all done for years down the pub – chatting to people. A blog allows you to hold conversation with your readers and chat away, just like the “real world”. For businesses this can be a bonus; it can help spread “word of

Big business fails to understand blogging

Big business is notorious for failing to either understand the Internet or to use it effectively. Indeed, the vast majority of large corporations have web sites which have cost them tens of thousands but which have no impact on their income. In other words, for most businesses, the Internet actually

Blogging prediction was almost true

Back in January I suggested that the blogging company Six Apart was going to be sold. A representative of the company soon contacted me and told me that I shouldn’t read too much in the reports I’d read and added a comment to my blog entry. However, today I read

Blogging can help your soul

Still, in spite of being around for ten years, people dismiss blogging as futile, unecessary or in some way “amateur”. Far from it – some of the most successful web sites in the world are based on blog technology. Amazon, the BBC and Facebook are all derivatives of blogging. But

Where do blogs come from?

Bloggers often find it hard to locate information to write about. Indeed, at blogging workshops I run, people often say they run out of ideas for their blogs. Well, if newspapers ran out of ideas they’d soon lose money…! So, where do newspapers get their ideas from? Other media –

Blogging will get your business more media attention

Bloggers are being used by mainstream journalists as a useful source of information. According to the results of a new study, 74% of business journalists already use blogs or will use blogs as a primary or secondary source of information for their stories. This means anyone who has a blog

Where should you blog?

Windows Live is the latest blogging system to become available. It has been in beta testing for some time, but Microsoft has now made the system mainstream. For anyone thinking about blogging this throws another spanner in the works. Now you can blog at Blogger, or Windows Live. You can

Successful blogs could make millions

Bloggers who have built up a loyal following of readers could be set for rich rewards. According to Business Week magazine, several blogs are being eyed up by traditional publishers as potential take-over targets. Great news for the bloggers. However, there is a revealing comment, almost as a throw-away line,


Your web site needs other bloggers

Bloggers are an important source of potential revenue for anyone doing business online. New research on the trustworthiness of advertising shows – as if we didn’t already know – that word of mouth recommendations are more trusted than any form of advertising. The two worst performing kinds of advertising were

Blogging strikes it rich in Top 100 web site list

The Top 100 technology web sites in the world have been calculated by Techmeme, the industry’s news and information collector. Each day Techmeme collects news, blog items and other sources of information and publishes it all in one place, handy for those interested in technology. Now, Techmeme has published its

Blogging still isn’t getting through to businesses

Marketing people in businesses still don’t understand blogging, it seems. And if these people don’t understand it, what hope is there for the rest of a company which is not so marketing oriented. New data suggests that while 85% of marketing staff agree that the web helps a company hit