Improve your sales with shopping cart changes

Shoppers are in different states of mind depending upon which activity they are engaged in. Imagine, for instance, that you are in a store browsing for something; you are not looking for anything in particular, but you might buy if you see something interesting. Would you respond to an in-store … Read more

Music buyers have stopped shopping

Music buyers have stopped buying CDs forcing retailers into drastic action. Fopp, for instance, has closed down all 105 of its High Street stores. At the same time, music giant HMV has seen its profits halve in the past 12 months. At the same time digital music sales have doubled … Read more

How much choice is too much for internet shoppers?

Researchers at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire have discovered some interesting new information on the effect of choice in buyer behaviour. According to the study published in Psychological Science, choice of available options has a varied effect on buyer behaviour. Previous research suggested that choice actually prevented buyers from making … Read more

Internet shopping needs reliable checkout

Shoppers at supermarkets have witnessed a silent revolution in shopping in the past few years. Supermarket giants like Wal-Mart, Tesco and so on have all installed new checkouts that are rapid and reliable. One of the bottlenecks in the whole supermarket “shopping experience” was the checkout. You would happily (perhaps) … Read more

Shoppers pay more for privacy

Shoppers on the Internet are prepared to pay more for what they buy from you if your site has a clear privacy policy. According to research from Carnegie Mellon University, shoppers want to see your privacy policy plus they will pay more for goods and services from sites where such … Read more

Get more shoppers by targeting women

Women do the bulk of shopping. Study after study reveals that, in general, men dislike shopping. Even when men go shopping for things they say they like, such as cars, research shows that in most cases the purchasing decision is actually made by a woman. Many web sites that offer … Read more

Attract more serious shoppers to your web site

Shoppers who buy stuff online appear to have done their “research” on what to buy offline. Buried in a report on online shopping,there’s the startling fact that the biggest proportion of Internet shoppers (36%) visit the web site to buy something as a result of having seen the item in … Read more

How to attract shoppers in hard times

Shoppers are deciding to keep more of their money in their pockets and spend less of it with businesses. At the same time, businesses are cutting back on spending and inflation is rising. In the USA retail spending went down last month, in spite of predictions from economists that it … Read more

How to get more shoppers to buy your products

The focus of many Internet marketers is to get people to buy their products and services from their online shop. That makes a great deal of sense; your costs are cheaper, delivery can often be instant in the case of digital goods, and prices can be lower as a result. … Read more

Internet shoppers suffer from “web rage”

According to the web testing company, Scivisum, 78% of Internet shoppers have become so frustrated with trying to buy something online they have switched off their computers. “Web rage” as it is being called is when someone tries to buy something from a web site, but too many clicks or … Read more

Social shopping will redefine online retail

A new social shopping site is in beta test and already it looks set to redefine things for Internet retailers. Called Crowdstorm it allows shoppers to find out what is being sold, where, what’s good about it and so on. In other words shoppers can find out the best deals and … Read more

Online Shopping Is Not Like Retail

In a traditional shop everything you do is controlled by the retailer. The route you take through the store has been pre-planned. Retail psychologists observer shopper behaviour and help retailers maximise their sales by having the right offers in the right place. It is no coincidence that most supermarkets are … Read more