Social networkers want more from your business

Two new studies suggest that businesses need to be doing more on social networks. Indeed, most businesses appear to be ignoring social networks, believing them to be the preserve of students. However, a study by the brand strategy consultancy Cone has found that a whopping 93% of people want businesses … Read more

Business leaders fail to understand social web

More evidence has been published which shows that big business has failed to grasp the value of the social web. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts discovered that the social web has not caught on in the big corporates. Technologies such as blogging appear to have passed them by. The … Read more

Facebook generation is doomed apparently

Teenagers who have grown up with the Internet as part of their world are facing a potential danger, according to a paper presented at today’s Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. According to Dr Himansu Tyagi, from London, social networking sites could lead to identity problems in some … Read more

Social networks are really boring

Women are natural social networkers; indeed the stereotype of “chatty” women (false as it is) suggests that the world of social networking is a natural place for women to go online. And you wouldn’t be wrong. A new analysis of more than 50 million social networking members shows that women … Read more

Focused social networking – the way to go…!

People gravitate towards people like themselves. We all love people like us; anyone who is a bit different we tend to shy away from. It’s the same online – we tend to “hang out” in groups and clubs in places like Facebook and Ecademy where the people we meet are … Read more

Social networks are the place to be

Researchers at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California have just published their report on the consequences and benefits of children going online. However, embedded within the report are some interesting facts that every online business needs to think about. Firstly, the annual study shows … Read more

Social networking is market research

Many businesses are put off social networking sites. They feel that such sites distract staff from getting on with work. They think that social networking sites, like Facebook or MySpace are some kind of security risk for their business. Or they just think these sites are for bored teenagers and … Read more

What’s wrong with Facebook?

Facebook is in trouble; or so it might seem from stories in the specialist press, such as New Media Age and subsequent mainstream follow-up coverage. It seems that in the UK, Facebook has started to lose users; it is down by around 400,000 over a month. That might seem a … Read more

LinkedIn opens up for all

Lucian Beebe may go down in history as one of the people responsible for a major shift in the way people do business. Who is he, you ask? Well, he is in charge of product management at LinkedIn, the business social network. And how does that make him so important? … Read more

Social networking has “made it”

You know when you have “made it” when you are front page news – particularly if that front page belongs to the Wall Street Journal. Facebook is the subject of a major article on the front of the Wall Street Journal, arguing that perhaps we can let other social networkers … Read more

Social networking crowds have no wisdom

Social networkers love numbers; “I have 20,000 friends”, or “My profile has just had its millionth view”, for instance. But actually, who cares? Other than massaging the ego of the individual social networker, numbers do not matter much. Take for instance the latest figures on social networking viewers (shown right). … Read more