How to be liked online

People buy things from people they like. For years, sales directors have been able to tell us that their biggest sales come from the sales staff who are the most likeable. And you know from your own experience that if you liked the sales person you were dealing with, you … Read more

Unfinished products can succeed

Product developers often want to ensure that the “baby” they have lovingly produced for the world is as complete as it can possibly be. They want the design to be right, the features to be perfect and the testing to be so thorough that no-one will find fault at launch. … Read more

Google to buy Twitter – oh help…!

Google is in the final stages of negotiations to buy Twitter, according to “people close to the negotiations” who have informed TechCrunch. If this turns out to be true, it could be a disaster for Twitter users. Google’s virtual monopoly position online means it will be able to do almost … Read more

Beware the liars on Twitter

Twitter is full of liars; honestly. In fact, so is the big wide world. It may come as a shock to you, but people often don’t tell the truth. Twitter is no different – except for one thing. In the “real world” you are able to spot liars using subtle … Read more

How to retweet

  How to retweet is a common subject people ask me about. On Twitter there is no obvious guide to the whole notion of retweeting or “rt” as some people call it. So here is a handy guide to help you retweet the messages you like – and gain extra … Read more

You cannot ignore social networking

Social networkers are going to be more important to your business than you ever thought possible. Data from several different sources is revealing just how important social networking has become online – and how the search engines are beginning to suffer as a result. Let’s look at some basic data … Read more

Your online profile needs to trigger emotions

How do you make your mind up whether to follow people on Twitter, or connect with them on LinkedIn or make them a Facebook friend? If you don’t know them already you probably take a look at their profile. New research on brain activity from the University of New York … Read more

Online social networking is psychologically beneficial

Social scientists from the University of Amsterdam have suggested that using online social networking sites could be beneficial for your psychological health. They claim that the Internet has “come of age” and is helping people achieve greater happiness than before. Essentially they have compared the use of the Internet ten … Read more

Social networking makes you happy

Happy people mix with happy people. Wow – hold the front page…! That’s one of the conclusions to a major study from the University of California and Harvard Medical School, published in today’s British Medical Journal. The researchers looked at people in a particular (offline) social network around Framingham, Massachusetts. … Read more

What a load of fuss over Pownce…!

You have probably never heard of Pownce, yet its name is plastered all over the Internet this morning – including in highly respected publications like the Financial Times. Pownce is a social networking site which has bitten the dust. It has been bought by a blogging company called Six Apart … Read more

Social networks could help you live longer

Taking part in social networking could help you live longer – providing you network online with younger people. According to researchers from the University of Iowa there is a genetic basis for a long-known phenomenon – animals that socialise with younger members of their species tend to live longer than … Read more

Recruiters use social networking in a predictable way

Recruiters are using social networking sites in a rather predictable way. According to a survey by Career Builder, just over a quarter of companies are using or plan to use social networking sites to make hiring decisions. Apparently, potential employers say they wouldn’t give a job to someone who doesn’t … Read more