How to succeed with social networking

Social networkers love things like Facebook and MySpace, but as this discussion in Facebook shows people are getting frustrated with so many different social networking systems. If you want to network properly you have to be a member of everything and that takes time to keep all your profiles up … Read more

Hardly anyone is social networking

People all over the world are logging onto to social networks. At least that’s what you would believe if you looked at the media coverage of things like MySpace and Facebook. However, new research from Nielsen NetRatings suggests something altogether different. According to their latest analysis less than one in … Read more

Social networking set to boom worldwide

Readers of the Financial Times are a canny lot. After all, you don’t get to be concerned with the financing of the country unless you know a thing or two. So it was interesting to read in yesterday’s newspaper that the City believes that social networking on the Internet is … Read more

Social networking power not yet established

Business owners have still to capitalise on the power that social networking provides. At the moment companies and Internet marketers are largely using social networking sites to advertise their products and services. Some businesses are using social networks to help communicate with customers and colleagues, but that’s about all. However, … Read more

Manage projects using social networking sites

Business professionals are increasingly using social networking sites to connect with their existing colleagues, rather than find new opportunities. That’s one of the conclusions you can draw from the latest survey on social networking by the Institute for Corporate Productivity. The study showed that over half of all businesses who … Read more

Productivity reduced by social networking

Productivity can be reduced by social networking according to some businesses. Indeed, many companies now ban their staff from connecting to MySpace or Facebook, for instance. Some companies have even arranged for their firewalls to prevent these sites from loading. This is all borne out of the notion that social … Read more

Future of social networking looks bleak

Social networkers have taken over the Internet – or so it would seem. Everywhere you look these days there’s something about social networking. It’s the latest online “fad” and in its current form, it will not last. Currently, Internet marketers see social networking sites as vital to their business. Nearly … Read more

New slant on social networking

How much has your social network grown this week? How much has your online network grown this week? How much has your business grown this week? It appears that your business growth has a direct relationship with your network growth; the bigger your network, the more successful your business becomes. … Read more

Business set to miss out on value of social networking

“What’s the best way of getting business?” guests were asked at a dinner on Wednesday evening. “Without a doubt, referrals,” said one of the people round the restaurant table. Indeed; most business owners have known for years that word of mouth marketing, discussions by customers between themselves is the most … Read more

Social networking moves to the mobile phone

A fascinating step forward in the social networking phenomenon has begun in Australia and is about to move worldwide. Called “FunkySexyCool” the idea is social networking on mobile phones. The system has been on show in the past week at the annual European Technology Round Table in Barcelona. Although the … Read more

Social networking – don’t invest in it just yet

Social networking is all the rage at the moment – indeed I’ve mentioned it’s value several times already. Social networks are an online extension of your existing offline interaction with people you know. They are a natural human activity so online social networks are something we can all see the … Read more