Survey reveals dramatic boost for online business

Online business owners have been targeting computer users and techno-friendly people for the past decade. Now it seems that the dominance of computing and technology for online shoppers has been toppled. According to a survey run by Foresters Research, online business has become “mainstream” shifting computing from its Number One … Read more

Online Business :: We are not alone

Running an online business can sometimes feel very lonely. There you are sat at your PC trying to market and sell your products and services without anyone to speak to other than the cat. One well known psychological fact is that performance is boosted when we are in social situations … Read more

Online Business :: You can’t do it on your own

Running an online business can be tremendously lonely. Many people I meet who are trying to make money online are doing it on their own. Even in the corporate world the people who are organising their company’s online activities are comparatively lonely – very few people in big business understand … Read more

Online Business :: Be like a circus performer

Yesterday I went to the circus with my son, Elliot. It was the famous “Billy Smart’s Circus” – the one I remember from my own childhood. Elliot sat transfixed, mouth open wide, as the first act arrived – a group of men and women who climbed like monkeys up huge … Read more

Internet Intermediaries Face Uncertain Future

If you needed any more evidence that the intermediary market is disappearing, you only need to look at the latest info from Hilton Hotels. The company has just reported that it expects to get $2.5b in online bookings for this year, compared with just over $700m four years ago. The … Read more