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Getting to grips with online customer behaviour is one of the most significant needs in modern businesses. Here you can find out the latest information on how people behave online. With the help of Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist, you will improve the way you use the Internet in your business. Get the maximum benefits from the latest knowledge in online and consumer psychology.

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That question keeps coming back – should you blog?

Business owners keep asking whether or not they should have a blog. They've heard of blogging, but they are not convinced it has any business benefits. Rightly, business owners need to know if their is a return on their investment in blogging; and it's not just the...

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Focused social networking – the way to go…!

People gravitate towards people like themselves. We all love people like us; anyone who is a bit different we tend to shy away from. It's the same online - we tend to "hang out" in groups and clubs in places like Facebook and Ecademy where the people we meet are like...

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How central is user testing to your business?

Experts in "usability" gathered in London today to discuss several issues surrounding this topic. The meeting had been called by TechSmith, the producers of Morae the leading usability testing software. It became apparent during the discussions that usability testing...

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Online businesses need more refined targeting

Online business owners need to target their offerings in a much more refined way. Evidence is mounting daily that Internet users expect web sites to be devoted to their specific needs. For instance, let's say you offer software on task management. You could have a...

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Social networks are the place to be

Researchers at the Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California have just published their report on the consequences and benefits of children going online. However, embedded within the report are some interesting facts that every online...

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Why the Google advertising change doesn’t matter

Google quietly changed it's terms and conditions for advertising yesterday. Up until now, advertisers using Google AdWords have been banned from using the brand names of their competitors in their adverts; now they can.This has spawned all sorts of suggestions as to...

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Internet training courses might not help you

Trainers are available on all sorts of Internet subjects. Want to learn how to do "SEO" (search engine optimisation)? well, there's a course on it. Like to discover how to "monetise" your web site? There's a course on that too. Perhaps you'd really like to learn about...

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The Internet World is all about relationships

Your friends like you; honest, trust me, they do. If they didn't like you, then you wouldn't like them and, hey, you wouldn't be friends. Web sites are the same; if they demonstrate they like you - by providing exactly what you are after - then you like them. It's...

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About Graham Jones

Graham Jones, Internet PsychologistI am a psychologist who specialises in Internet use and behaviour. I can help your business profit through a better understanding of the online behaviour of your customers and potential clients.

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Graham’s Latest Media Activity

  • Daily Express

    Interviewed for a feature in the Daily Express about the choice of colours for buying cars
  • Daily Mail

    Interviewed for an article on the psychology of the phenomenon of "catfishing" online
  • Daily Record

    Interviewed about the 25th anniversary of the text message
  • Talk Radio Europe

    Interviewed for Talk Radio Europe's morning show about the psychology of the "Blue Whale" social networking "game"
  • Daily Mail

    Interviewed for an article about the psychology of writing emails.


Sharon FrancisMedia First

Graham is an excellent speaker and consummate professional. His wealth of experience ensures he always provides witty and entertaining talks for any audience.

Graham has extensive expert knowledge of internet psychology, marketing, internet behaviour and was a big help to my company. He is result oriented, likes to share his broad knowledge and I would definitely recommend him to everyone who is unsure about their business branding and positioning.

Graham SpeechleyBusiness Leaders Group

Graham has now spoken three times for our leadership development groups at Business Leaders Groups. Each time the audience of CEOs, MDs and Senior Managers has been fascinated by the ideas and revelations about the way people use the Internet. They learnt how their approach should be modified to increase their RoI on their web activities. I strongly recommend Graham as a speaker to this type of audience. Wonderful stuff!

Expert is an over-used term these days but in Graham’s case the mantle is truly deserved. Not only does he have an encyclopaedic knowledge of leading edge internet marketing technologies but he backs it up with strategies that draw on his extensive experience in PR and psychology to provide you with a workable plan. If you want to get more from your online marketing efforts then it pays to hear what Graham has to say. Read his blog. See him speak. Hire him. It will make a difference to your online results.

Nigel TempleNigel Temple

Graham Jones knows more about internet marketing than anyone else I have ever met. He is a deep thinker, who can help you to make more money and attract a greater market share. Hire him as your consultant or ask him to deliver a talk to your team. Highly recommended!

Will KintishKintish

Graham is one of those rare people you can always rely on. He is an expert in his field and when he advises me on all aspects of social media and web-based ‘stuff’ he always adds value.
Oh, and by way of a bonus, he is one of the nicest guys around.

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