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The World Wide Web is just a baby

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, claims today that the technology is merely in its infancy. It's almost 17 years since the first ever web site was published (6th August 1991), so you'd expect the web to be a spotty...

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30th April 2008

Social networking may be in your genes

Some people are avid social networkers and build up huge numbers of "connections" and "friends" online. Take a look at Thomas Power, the Chairman of Ecademy, for instance. He has over 15,000 contacts in Ecademy and almost as many in LinkedIn. Does...

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29th April 2008

Where do all the Internet profits go?

Billions of pounds is traded everyday here on the Internet - do you see any of it? Probably not much. If you do make money online you don't get those billions, I'm guessing. So who does?Well, the vast majority of the money that is spent online goes...

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23rd April 2008

Now the BBC fails to understand the Internet

The BBC has been pioneering the use of the Internet for several years. It has invested huge amounts of cash in its new media strategy and is seen as having real leadership position for the way it has incorporated the Internet into what was a rather...

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14th April 2008

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Virtual Offices benefit from flexible cloud services

Cloud services benefits mobile workers and those operating virtual offices that traditionally have to rely on high speed broadband links to their corporate data centres for connectivity

9th April 2012

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Blogging for fun and profit

By Frank Furness Blogs are a great way to get your message across on the Internet and have it published almost...

3rd June 2009

Overcoming Objections

By Jim Ewan Objections! A word that strikes terror into the salesperson’s heart! But should it? Let’s examine the...

3rd June 2009

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