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How to set up a rapid response email system

Your business needs a rapid response email system. Without such a service your company or organisation will lose reputation as well as custom. In other words if you do not have a rapid response email system in place, you will lose money and could damage the entire...

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How to keep your email messages short

Sometimes email messages can get quite long, especially when you quote much of the material that has been sent in previous emails. Also, emails often get long if you have a lot to say or you need to give a comprehensive overview of a particular business situation....

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How to make social networking work for you

Social networking is clearly taking off. Indeed, Facebook is getting around 150,000 new members every day of the week. Add to that MySpace, YouTube, Bebo and specialist sites like Ecademy and you can see that before long the whole Internet world will be in some social...

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Graham Jones

Graham Jones, Internet PsychologistI am a psychologist who specialises in Internet use and behaviour. I can help your business profit through a better understanding of the online behaviour of your customers and potential clients.

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Immortum – An App for Using Social Media After Death

Maxelerator Ltd, a venture firm announces the launch of Immortum (, a social media site that allows continued social media interactions even after people have died. Immortum allows people especially those near end of life due to age or illness...

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