A new survey of blogging reveals that many large businesses see the value of blogging, but are not really doing anything about it. The study of 450 companies found that even though most of them understand what a blog is and that it would be valuable for their business, six out of ten of them aren’t blogging because of lack of time. A further 57% say they don’t know what to write about. That’s a problem. Blogging is not a “nice to have” in business these days. Indeed, Business Week magazine said last year it was a prerequisite for modern companies. When I’m giving speeches on blogging I make it clear that businesses who are not blogging now, will probably not be businesses in a couple of years time. It is that crucial. So, with six out of ten businesses in this survey not blogging because of lack of time, it suggests their eyes are not on the ball. They are spending time doing other things which could ultimately prove to be less important to their company than starting a blog.

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